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Plumbing A Short History

Plumbing has really evolved through the ages, and are you not glad that it has! In terms of handyman jobs, plumbing rates pretty high and happily it’s totally standard in homes today, but you might be surprised to know what related technology they had in the past. Tradesmen didn’t simply spring out of the woodwork in the middle ages and amaze everyone by building medieval castles and bastions, it began far earlier as the pyramids can attest to. There, however, we’re leaning towards architecture and stone masonry; what we examine here is more specifically related to plumbing.

Between 3000-1500 B.C stood the island of Crete which, needless to say, operated on the feudal system. Way back then their plumbers had already laid elaborate systems of sewage and drainage disposal that resemble what we know today. Amazingly some of the pipe work remains intact today and still carries off some of the water, this despite the earthquake which destroyed the civilization. It seems that, not only was the early development of this technology impressive, but so was its durability.

Ancient Greece wasn’t without its perks and one of these was certainly the hot and cold water baths which were available. From the seventh century B.C onward, people could get themselves down to the local bathing house and attend to their hygienic needs in comfort. On the downside, bathing in hot water was considered unmanly, and as such, Greek men would forgo the pleasure – opting to dose themselves in the cold instead.

The 8th Century B.C saw King Hezekiel of Judah undergo an impressive feat of early plumbing engineering as he sought to add an additional water supply to the city of Jerusalem. This early plumbing team was forced to dig 765 feet through solid rock, guided only by a water fissure. One man at a time would hack and slash with an axe while the others would methodically cart away the debris. Once this monstrous undertaking was finally complete, they had extended an aqueduct south of Bethlehem to Jerusalem.

While later than these truly ancient civilizations, it is universally understood that the Romans defined modern plumbing and architecture. Perhaps the most impressive civilization to exist to date, the Romans were glorious due to the value they placed on education and technological advancement – rather than the religious focus of most others. Roman tradesmen would have worked on virtually the same surfaces that we would expect them to today. This included everything involving supply and waste. Sadly, however, the world would have to wait a little longer for the rise of electricians – but that’s another story.




Chris Castle is a professional writer who has written on a wide range of subjects in the home improvement and DIY arena. Make sure you get professional handyman services to avoid extra costs. There are many plumbers in South Africa for you to choose from.